CrossFit + Nutrition Package

One of the most important roles in fitness

CrossFit + Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in your overall fitness. Proper nutrition can amplify your training efforts and have long term benefits on your health.

Check out the CrossFit pyramid and see what is considered the foundation of CrossFit: nutrition. You can’t expect to perform and feel your best if you’re not properly fueling your body! With all the information out there, this can be overwhelming and confusing. We’re here to help!

We believe that improving your health starts with making small & realistic changes that will develop into life-long healthy habits over time.

Strength Haven Nutrition focuses on small, gradual changes rather than perfection. We work together to build and incorporate lifestyle changes to help you feel your best! Scroll down to see some of the amazing changes with some of our members who have combined both CrossFit and Nutrition.

CrossFit + Nutrition Package INCLUDES:

3 months of unlimited CrossFit

  • 25 different class times to choose from weekly
  • Classes led by CrossFit certified trainers
  • Workout and lifting tracking app
  • Strong community and support

3 months of nutrition & habit coaching 

  • Nutrition tailored to your goals
  • Accountability
  • Weekly check-ins & feedback
  • Unlimited access to your Nutrition Coach
  • Monthly body measurements
  • Monthly progress photos (optional)

2 body composition scans 

  • Divide your weight into muscle, fat and water
  • Measure your percent body fat to help you focus on fat loss and not just weight loss
  • Measure how your lean mass is distributed throughout your body
  • Know your visceral fat level (“hidden fat”, wrapped around your organs) 


(Reg $1,065)

During my Crossfit and nutritional journey I’ve noticed positive changes, such as feeling energized. I am crushing my workouts now, and not the other way. I can run longer distances without having to take breaks and I even started to enjoy burpees and box jumps.
When I first started CrossFit, I just assumed I could eat whatever I wanted because I was working out. I quickly realized that I could not out work bad eating habits and also reach my goals. I was not seeing the result I had hoped for. My goals were to lean out, build muscle and strength, and build my aerobic capacity. Once I started on a nutrition plan, everything changed. The quality of foods, the amount of protein, carbs and fats specifically designed for my weight and goals, were a game changer. I started to lean out, build muscle and PR workouts and lifts. The combination of a great nutrition plan coupled with CrossFit, was a cheat code! Having a nutrition coach hold my hand through the process of good foods/bad foods and the amount of food, changed my life. My transformation was drastic. Fast forward a few years later, and healthy eating habits are now a permanent way of life.
I started CrossFit in October 2015. At that time, I thought If I worked out a lot and ate less, my body would be in good shape and I was totally wrong! I started working on my nutrition with Strength Haven Nutrition. We talked about nutrition and I learned how it worked and what works best for me. After working together and having nutrition coaching, I was surprised how my body transformed into a different shape. I felt I had more energy during workouts and felt great outside of the gym. Fast forward to May of 2022 and I changed my lifestyle and became a vegetarian. After making this change, I was always tired and it was difficult to workout. I decided to work again with Strength Haven Nutrition but this time as a vegetarian. I learned about how to properly fuel my body with good quality food to give me sufficient energy. After a month of working with Strength Haven Nutrition I felt back to normal and I was able to workout again with lots of energy. Now at 42 years old, I feel good each time I workout, run and do outdoor activities. And the best part is that I feel great about myself and that my body is in good shape like I always wanted it to be.To have good workouts, coaches and nutrition coaching in one place is not easy to find. I am so grateful to be a part of CrossFit Strength Haven!
I have always been a competitive person. As an adult, I first started working out at your typical gym, but it’s difficult to find a community in that atmosphere. After a couple years I got bored and moved on to martial arts and MMA. I found the physical challenges and community associated with that very entertaining, but as I matured into my thirties I noticed I was aging out of that community. After I moved to Austin and met my wife, she was looking for something new and challenging for herself. I had briefly attended a CrossFit gym in Houston, so I was familiar with the atmosphere and thought she might like it. In 2019 I joined her at CrossFit Strength Haven and never looked back. The physical challenges CrossFit programming provides satisfies my competitive needs and CFSH has a great membership that provides belonging and support.CFSH not only gives excellent instruction and support, they also provide nutrition programs. After a year of dieting on my own, I had lost around twenty pounds but still wanted improvement. I had my doubts about how much more my body composition could change but I signed up for the challenge anyway. I was wrong. After ten months, the number on the scale has stayed in the same zone, but muscles have grown and fat has disappeared. I have had to purchase new pants and most of my old shorts do not fit without cinching my belt to the last notch. At 47, I can now boast that I am in the best shape of my life. Regular gym attendance coupled with a surprisingly satisfying meal plan have given me energy to keep up with my two-year-old and train for the Austin Marathon.
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