“The first time I walked into CFSH I felt hopeful!”
Reason for Joining:
I found CrossFit Strength Haven on Google! I was looking for a gym near my new house and found CFSH, so I decided to take a class to see how I liked the community. The first time I walked into CFSH I felt hopeful! I do not usually have an issue making conversation or new friends, but I wanted to see how the community and workouts were. Now every time I walk into CFSH I am ALWAYS excited to see friends and coaches! And most days I am looking forward to getting a good workout in. Some days I am tired and not looking forward to the workout, but I definitely feel better once I have done one!
Enjoy About Membership:
Doing CrossFit makes me feel like I am doing something great for my body. I have not found another type of workout that has done such an amazing job crossing over into my volleyball lifestyle. I play indoor and sand 2-4 times per week and the explosiveness and quickness I get from CrossFit transitions so well to similar quick twitch muscles I need in an intense volleyball game! This is what keeps me coming back to CFSH day after day. I am less concerned with my weight than how my clothes fit and how tight or strong my muscles/skin/body feels.
Learn About Yourself:
Advice to Prospect:
For anyone who is nervous to give CrossFit a try I would tell them that there are SO MANY ways to modify the workouts that I think everyone should try it just once. Especially at CFSH. Coaches are WONDERFUL at explaining the workouts and helping anyone make modifications to keep them comfortable, but still challenging. I can say this was especially true for me through a broken ankle!
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