“The folks around you will always be supportive”
Reason for Joining:
I moved to Austin right after starting Crossfit and I was looking for a fun gym to workout. CrossFit Strength Haven was the fifth gym that I tried close to where I lived. The first time I walked into CFSH it was a super friendly environment and the workout was fun. I really enjoyed the vibe of the coach. Now it's like hanging out with friends and getting that daily exercise.
Enjoy About Membership:
CrossFit gives me a burst of energy and helps my mental health above all. You also get stronger in the process which is a great plus! My brain likes it!
Learn About Yourself:
Day after day, the community and the feeling after a great workout is what keeps me coming back to CFSH.
Advice to Prospect:
For anyone who is nervous to give CrossFit a try I would tell them to just go for it! It’s easy to feel intimidated when you see everyone doing these crazy movements, but guess what, we all started from zero trying to figure things out. It doesn’t matter what part of your journey you are in, there is always a version of the workout you can do and that will make you feel like you got stuff done. The folks around you will always be supportive and get excited when you get that movement for the first time. It’s awesome!
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