“CrossFit is more than just working out. It’s a community of amazing supportive people”
Reason for Joining:
I started my fitness journey in 2021 and lost over 100lbs. Although I had lost weight, I knew I needed more. I needed to build muscle, strength, and endurance. A traditional gym was not an option for me; I needed accountability and motivation at this point. So I decided to search for CrossFit gyms near me and came across CFSH. I wanted something close by so I couldn’t use the excuse of “It’s too far of a drive”.
Enjoy About Membership:
I was nervous and not sure what I was getting myself into when I first walked into CFSH. That only lasted a day or 2, everyone I met within the first couple of days made me feel welcomed and they were very motivating. Now I walk in feeling more confident and comfortable. The community support within CrossFit, especially at CFSH has been amazing. The one thing that really caught my eye at CFSH is the motivation and inspiration members show to each other. Every coach I’ve worked with has been amazing, helpful, and really motivates me to keep coming.
Learn About Yourself:
CrossFit has become my day-to-day. If I miss a couple of days, I’m feeling restless and eager to go back. CrossFit has impacted my life in several ways. CrossFit has improved my strength, endurance, and flexibility within just a couple of months of joining. CrossFit is also helping me stay on track with my fitness journey I started in 2021.
Advice to Prospect:
For anyone who is nervous to give CrossFit a try I’d tell them Just do it!! Don’t be nervous, CrossFit is more than just working out. It’s a community of amazing supportive people who will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals each step of the way.
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